We are currently looking for interest for the second book in the Disciple Series: Into the Word Into the World.
Beta  Leaders are people with the desire to lead a group of people through Disciple Fast Track. They may be pastors or lay people in all ages and stages of life. We ask the Beta  Leaders to commit to the following:

    • To take the online training included in the cost of your package.
    • To lead a Disciple Fast Track Beta Group on a schedule that meets your needs.
    • To recruit between 8 and 100 participants for your Disciple Fast Track Beta  Group.
    • To lead the class in the 75-minute, 24-week format, following the Leader Guide as written.
    • To complete two short online surveys (all anonymous) about your experience. We are depending on feedback from our Beta  leaders for final development of this product.
    • To forward via email two short online surveys (both anonymous), which we will provide, to your Disciple Fast Track Beta  Group participants.
    • To participate as you desire in the Disciple Fast Track Online Community.
Become a Beta LeaderReviews


What Fast Track Beta Participants Say:

I have read all kinds of books about the Bible and with a faith emphasis, but I have never really studied the Bible.  Offering this class during my lunch hour with a break for the holidays was perfect for me.  I finally feel like I have studied the whole Bible.

Wichita, KS