D. P. Phillips,DDSI have taken and led Disciple courses for several years. The original I, II, III, IV series, the Introduction To series and now the Fast Track Disciple. It is extremely well done and the advantages are many: Less time commitment in weeks, a weekly review on DVD- which is the main positive feedback I receive, and an informative and well done video by Bishop Wilke. Our group has loved the new format and I believe you will too!!

D. P. Phillips, DDS First United Methodist Church of Fort Smith, AR


Marion MillerDisciple Fast Track proved to be an unusual transforming experience into the power of Scripture. Participants were encouraged to practice the spiritual disciplines derived from the Bible study. Each gained a deeper spiritual transforming experience as lives were changed. The significance of this outcome reinforced participants to commitment to ongoing Bible study with much excitement and enthusiasm. This Bible study experience is contagious!

Rev. Marion Miller, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis,IN



DFT has been for our group and church a dynamic blend of helping newer folks learn about and engage the whole story of scripture while learning about and engaging one another.  The 75 minute time-frame enabled group members to participate after work and before evening commitments, yielding more participants and lending greater stability to the group.  The in-depth preparation and reading under-girded a fast-paced journey together with substance and fueled discussion  with both depth and informed questions.  DFT effectively adapts the richness of Disciple to the realities of a fast paced world.

Dave Harris,  First United Methodist Church of Palmyra, PA


DFT2We had two groups of Disciple Fast Track meeting in our church.  It sparked a new interest in Bible study.  Everyone found it such a rewarding experience!  The length of the study was just right and people really appreciated the new videos.


Rev. Jim Humphrey, First United Methodist Church of New Philadelphia, OH



Olan Mills, IncThe amount of reading and the background information available has enhanced the understanding of the scriptures very much.  My students have studied the Bible previously, but found the video repetition of reviews of previous lessons to be extremely helpful in remembering the lessons.  We found there to be just enough scripture to get the story without overwhelming amounts of reading.  Very good study – we highly recommend it.

Pastor Peg Knapich, Gouldsboro UMC Gouldsboro, PA



DFT hoskins

The course is comprehensive, giving the complete story from Genesis to Revelation. It puts into context all those individual stories we’ve heard so that the big picture finally makes sense. The study materials and the video clips are so easy to follow that students are asking to become teachers when the next session starts. Feedback I’ve received from my classes: they can now relate to the Israelites in the OT, they can now relate to the early Christians in the NT, they now have a closer relationship with God. Disciple Fast Track changes lives and there’s no better endorsement than that.

Stephen Hoskins, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, IN


Greg TolleLike the original Disciple Bible Study, Disciple Fast Track gives a terrific overview of the Bible while it goes beyond just the information for the purpose of transformation.  Although the reading is abbreviated and the class time shortened, the end results are very similar.  I highly recommend Disciple Fast Track.

Rev. Dr. Greg Tolle, First United Methodist Church, Duncan, OK




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